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How my clients see me.


David Gillick

Irish Olympic Athlete

I attend Karl O’Toole at O’Toole Muscle Therapy


I go to Karl for regular Maintenance and some work on niggles I have had in my Calves and Achilles

Karl is very professional and Knowledgeable, and he always assess me correctly and understands what I need weather that is maintenance or work on a specific injury or just ironing out the niggles.

I Always feel better when leaving and have total trust in Karl his follow up rehab programmes and home exercises are excellent


I highly recommend Karl at O’Toole Muscle Therapy for anyone looking to resolve any injuries or looking to increase their overall mobility and performance or just keeping yourself maintained.


David Gillick

Irish Olympic Athlete

Sarah Louise

Competitive Ballroom & Latin Dancer

As a high level competitive ballroom and latin dancer recovery is a very important part of my training.  I went to Karl with an injury and he was able to identify the problem super quickly and almost immediately was able to relieve my pain.  Not only was he able to help my pain but he gave me exercises to prevent it from happening again.  A weekly sports massage is an essential part of my recovery plan for competition and training to prevent injuries, reduce muscle soreness and prepare me for training.

Karl has helped me identify some of the weaker areas in my body and with exercises Karl has giving me my whole body is now stronger than ever.  Karl is very knowledgeable and can identify my problems very quickly and knows how to help me in the most efficient way.  He also makes me feel very comfortable and at ease I really look forward to my weekly sessions.   Karl’s  work is hugely beneficial to me and I would recommend Carl to any level of athlete.

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Testimonial O'Toole Muscle Therapy

I cannot recommend Karl highly enough......

Arlene Hetherington

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